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   Not too long ago, the thought of an honest, full-blown computer that sells for less than $500 would have been considered a mere pipe dream.
   Everyone knows that computers are monstrous, box-shaped machines that sell for 10's and 100's of thousands of dollars.
   Pipe dream or not, MITS, the quality engineering oriented company that pioneered the calculator market, has made the Altair 8800 a reality. It is the realization of that day when computer are accessible to almost anyone who wants one.

The heart (and the secret) of the MITS Altair 8800 is the Intell 8080 processor chip. Thanks to rapid advances in integrated circuit technology, this one IC chip can now do what once took thousands of electronic components (including 100's of IC's) and miles of wire.

   Make no mistake about it. The MITS Altair 8800 is a lot of brain power. Its parallel, 8-bit processor uses a 16-bit address. It has 78 basic machine instructions with variances up to 200 instructions. There's more than enough to program all the street lights in a major city.
   And the MITS Altair 8800 Computer is fast. Very fast. It's basic instruction cycle time is 2 microseconds.
   Combine this speed and power with the Altair's flexibility (it can directly address 256 input and 256 output devices) and you have a computer that's competitive with most mini's on the market today. And sells for a fraction of their cost.

   The Altair 8800 has been designed to fulfill a wide variety of computer needs. It is ideal for the hobbyist who wants to get involved with computers. Yet, it has the power and versatility for the most advanced data processing requirements.
   It's basic memory of 256 words of static RAM memory can be expanded to 65,000 words of directly accessible memory. Static OR dynamic memory. OR PROM or ROM memory. OR a floppy disc system. All supplied by MITS.
   Using standard MITS interface cards, the Altair 8800 can be connected to MITS peripherals (computer terminals, line printers, audio-cassette interface) to form the core of a sophisticated time-share system.
   The Altair 8800 can be a process controller. It can be an educaional device. Or it can be expanded to be an advanced, custom intrusion system. A programmable scientific calculator. Automatic IC tester. Automated automobile test analyzer. Complete accounting system. "Smart" computer terminal. Sound and light system controller.
   OR it can be all of these things at the same time. It could be the beginning of new business opportunities. The list of applications is literally endless.

   MITS wants to service your individual computer needs.
   You can buy an assembled Altair 8800. Or you can start by building the computer youself. The MITS Altair 8800 is the ultimate kit. Its assembly isn't much more difficult than assembling a desktop calculator.
   OR you can start with an Altair 8800 complete data processing system. Altair Systems come in 4 basic configurations.
   For those users who are not familiar with computers, MITS offers free consultation service. Just describe your requirements to our engineering staff and we will specify additional cards and the system configuration you need to do the job.

   The MITS Altair 8800 is backed by complete peripheral and software development programs. There is even a high level language available.

   Order your Altair 8800 Computer today. As a special introductory offer, MITS is offering the Altair 8800 at a discount of $100. This offer is good on all orders postmarked prior to March 1, 1975.

Altair 8800 Computer (assembled with complete operation instructions) $750.00
Altair 8800 Computer (kit form) $495.00
Subtract $100.00 from above prices on all orders postmarked prior to March 1, 1975.

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